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Chau. de Dinant 1037, 5100 Namur, Belgique

The Strawberry Museum and the Romantic Meuse have teamed up to offer you a guided tour of the Mosan Villas along the Meuse near Namur. Your guide, passionate about the subject and multilingual, will answer all your questions. Embark on a yacht and discover, while sipping apple-strawberry juice, the imposing residences nestled in the lush nature along the Meuse. These villas have been part of the Mosan valley landscape since the late 19th century when they hosted the bourgeoisie of the Belle Époque for summer vacations. Bow windows, architecture, way of life... the Mosan villas will have no secrets for you! 

What's next? Docking in Wépion for a self-guided tour of the Strawberry Museum, on the banks of the Meuse. There, you can explore this divine fruit from every angle: history, culture, trade, art and folklore, and of course, gastronomy! You can also stroll through the enchanting world of the Little Fruits Garden and learn to recognize some of the many cultivated varieties: indigenous or exotic. This magnificent 35-acre garden houses twenty species of fruits from the region and fifteen varieties of strawberries to taste on the spot! 

As Ardennes-étape customers, you will receive a one-liter bottle of apple-strawberry juice per boat in addition to the tasting offered on board.

Ardennes-étape Privilege

Ardennes-étape customers receive an exclusive benefit with this experience:

A one-liter bottle of apple-strawberry juice will be provided per boat.

When you book a holiday home on our website, you have access to the Ardennes-étape Privilege programme that offers many lovely surprises with our local partners!

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  • Experience Duration: 1-hour yacht tour + 1-hour museum and garden visit
  • Min. 6, max. 8 participants 
  • Price per Adult: 15 euros 
  • Price per Child: 15 euros 

Price Includes: guided yacht tour, tasting drink + self-guided museum and garden visit + one bottle of fruit juice per boat.

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Reservations available year-round (except during the Meuse's closure periods).

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Chau. de Dinant 1037, 5100 Namur, Belgique

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